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Governor Darius’ aide urges Tarabans to vote for Darius in tomorrow’s governorship election 

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Governor Darius aide urges Tarabans to vote for Darius in tomorrow’s governorship election

Mr Nelson C, Len, an Aide to Taraba state governor on New Media called on residents of the state to come out in larger numbers and reelect governor Darius Dickson Ishaku.

He said “Tarabans, as you sleep over tonight in preparation to select the leader who will lead you for the next four years, I urge you to consider few things before you thumb print on the ballot and cast in the box.”

He further noted that a vote for governorship Darius is a vote for peace. According to him a vote for the incumbent governor is a vote for love progress, and anything aside that is a vote for hatred.

“Your vote will either grow the peace of Taraba state or mare the peace of Taraba state.

“Your vote may either create love and harmony or bring hatred and pains

“Your vote may either move us 10 steps forward or 10 steps backward. Your vote may either bread competence or encourage incapability”

“Your vote may either end thugry or build the hub of thugry in Taraba state. Your vote may either strengthen our traditional institutions or bring them to nothing.

“I therefor urge us to vote wisely and not to mortgage our future for a penny which will not last for a week, remember we are building a Taraba which I and you will be proud of and I recommend you vote a man who has proven to be and envoy of peace and a leader per excellence , a man who never uses the power at his disposal to inflict pains on it citizens, a man who takes the pulse to feel his People’s pains.

“I urge you to come out in mass and Vote PDP vote Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku” said Nelson C. Len
SA New Media Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku

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