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“Vote for me, I’ll make you millionaires, you’ll drive Mercedes Benz and not Keke Napep” – Governor Darius tells Taraba youth

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“Vote for me, I’ll make you millionaires, you’ll drive Mercedes Benz and not Keke Napep” – Governor Darius tells Taraba youth

Taraba state governor, Darius Dickson Ishaku promised to make to make Taraba youth millionaires if they reelect him.

Governor Darius made this statement in Jalingo, the state capital of Taraba state during his campaign, he said Taraba youth will drive Mercedes Benz and not Keke Napep if only they vote for him in the forthcoming governorship elections in the state.

“I want you (the youth) to go out during the election and re-elect us. I will empower you to be millionaires; you will be exporting milk and meat; you will be driving Mercedes Benz, instead of Keke NAPEP,” he said.

According to the governor, in 2015 when he became the governor of the state, there was a wailing army of unemployed youth in the state.

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He said “Today, over 3000 youths have been employed and thousands empowered through the Rescue Mission’s skills acquisition programme.

“Those empowered are now self-reliant and have become employers of labour. The story of one Aisha is a good example.

“She was empowered; she later employed a widow and five other persons and her business is still running.

“When you elected me in 2015, you did not know me well. Now, you know who Ishaku is; now, you know who DDI is, who Daram Dam Dam is, because of what I have done for you,” governor Darius said.

Governor Darius is the imminent winner of the forthcoming governorship election and some said he has zero achievements but will win because of ethnicity and religion.

Mr Emmanuel Bello, the governor’s Aide on Public Affairs who recently resigned his appointment with Darius’ administration said the governor will “not win” if not for religion and ethnicity.

“some people will not win election if they stop instigating religion and ethnic issues” Bello said.

Mr Bello also criticized the governor for not using his architecture skills and knowledge in beautifying Taraba state road network.

“The architect cannot even construct good roundabout in the state capital Jalingo and he calls himself an architect”

Mr Bello was heavily criticized by the ethnic and religion bigots in the state for making such speech. they accused him [Bello] of not being a Taraban, that he is an Edo man.

They also stated that he has no political value in the state and such he should stop intruding in the politics affairs of the polity.

In reaction to all the insults that were being directed towards Bello, he said “why bothering on someone who does not have political values, why not focus on the campaign of your candidate?”

Bello was spotted in a viral picture with the APC candidate Sani Abubakar contact to contact and the Darius staunch apologists started attacking him, that he said he resigned because he wanted to “focus of journalism” why joining the opposition? they insulted him to the core.

They alleged that Bello resigned because the governor did not make him the commissioner of Information and Culture.

Be;llo who was the commissioner of information and culture under the then governor Danbaba according to the apologists, feels he is the only person who deserved the position but Darius snubbed him because there were rumors that he is a betrayal. they re-echoed that Bello should go back to his state of origin.

He then reacted by describing them as “e-rats” to mind their business and let him be. This description also angered the social media boys and girls and they continue throwing abusive words on him.

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