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Taraba youth not in support of Darius’ re-election bid – Adams blasts Chairman of NYCN Taraba state chapter

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Taraba youth not in support of Darius’ reelection bid – Adams blasts Chairman of NYCN Taraba state chapter

Galadima Adams, a critique of governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba state blasted Udi Pastore, the Chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN Taraba state chapter for campaigning for Governor Darius.

Udi Pastore made a post in NYCN Taraba state chapter clamouring Governor Darius as an undisputed aspirant for the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state.

Udi posted “DDI reelection is not negotiable.” He then posted another message stating that “Taraba youth support DDI/Manu”

At this juncture, Mr Adams could not let go and reacted that “Point of corruption. Taraba ‘PDP Youths’ please.”

“you have the right to make your choice right, please don’t attack me.Moreover, I’m not referring to you” Comrade Udi quickly replied.

“I didn’t attack you, I just correct you, Mr. Chairman. Mind you, I’ll respond you with same comment one day. Tom…” said Adams.

“When u said ‘Taraba Youths’ who are you Referring to? Am I not an Indigene of Taraba state or I’m above 70 years?” How do u mean?” Adams further asked.

The national youth chairman did not not answer but also asked his own question “your name Taraba youth?”

“Answer my question above before we proceed, Mr. Chairman” Adams quickly reminded Udi to first answer his own questions before he (Adams) can answer him too.

“whats wrong with what udi said?” another member of the group called Emperor intruded.

“The wrong is that, He said ‘Taraba Youths’ instead of ‘PDP Youths’
Peruse his pangram attentively, if u really want to know.” Adams adamantly stood ground and defensively responded to all the messages directed to him.

“he is d chairman of NYCN Taraba state chapter so he has d ryt to say that” Mr Emperor noted

“you’re also wrong!
This platform doesn’t belongs to PDP right? Even if he (Udi) is ‘Bello Bala Shagari’ he can’t decide for us, who to vote or what to vote.” Mr Galadima Adams

“He hasn’t!😳
He don’t have that audacity my chum.

“My vote my choice
Everyone has his own right and opinion, Mr.

And no one will disenfranchise me or u.” Adams said.

Pastore Udi is the Chairman of NYCN Taraba state chapter, he accused of being partisan as against the ethics of the association.

Udi made the youth of Taraba contributed fund to buy PDP form for Governor Darius’ reelection bid.  He also did same and supported the governor’s campaign with a brand new vehicle for campaign.

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