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Why Taraba state must abolish Yangtu Special Development Area

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Why Taraba state must abolish Yangtu Special Development Area

Yangtu Special Development Area was extracted from Takum Local Government Area by the then governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Danfulani Suntai (late) to ease dispute between tribes in the area. However the map of Yangtu SDA has become a very hot debate in the state.

After the establishment of Yangtu the map of the area has become very controversial in the sense that it mapped out some communities within the area and merged them with Takum Local Government Council and then extracted some communities to form the Yangtu SDA.

The communities that were merged with Takum are the communities of Kpanzun and Yukuben; that’s Bete, Lufu, Yukuben etc, while communities that were extracted to form Yangtu are Jenuwa Kogi, Jenuwa Gida, Kwambai etc. The people living in the later areas are Kuteb people, therefore this particular gesture stir up ethnicity favoritism.

The gesture showed that there was a conspiracy against the Kuteb ethnic group which was the majority in Takum LGA. The plan was to reduce the numbers of Kuteb in the area and take over the political strongholds from them. This happened after the crisis between Kuteb and Chamba people.

The then governor favor Chamba at the deteriment of Kuteb as a result of the influence of retired army general, Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma (TY Danjuma.) a Chamba man who was believed to have masterminded the crisis between Kuteb and Chamba people, the crisis was as a result of Kingship title struggle. After the death of Ukwe Ali, a Kuteb man, Chamba demanded to be crowned the next King of the chiefdom which was not suppose to be so, hence the war.

During that same period when Yangtu was created, Governor Danbaba reshuffled the political wards in Takum Local government area in favor of Chamba and Kpanzun people. At this juncture he took away all the wards belonging to the Kuteb people and left only one which is known as Dutse Ward.

As it stands, the votes of the people of Yangtu are counted among Ussa votes instead of Takum as illegally arranged by the then governor. Albeit, Yangtu remains part of Takum Local Government Council in the Federal Level but their votes are often counted among Ussa votes. This is simply because if the votes are allowed to be counted among Takum votes then Kuteb people will still remain the majority ethnic group in Takum which is what other tribes in the area do not want to happen.

What if Ussa rejects votes from Yangtu? Ussa is the present stronghold of Kuteb ethnic group therefore if it rejects votes from Yangtu outsiders will instigate chaos by saying Kuteb people from Ussa have rejected their brothers. However, Kuteb would not let that happen.

This is a call on the all Kuteb sons and daughters to stand up and raise their voices against this heartless hatred, for Kuteb people have suffered enough in the hands of these Judas Iscariots who called themselves “brothers.”

They called it “Special Development Area” but what is special about a community that cannot produce Executive chairman, State house of assembly member, councilors, and commissioner? Why

If there is something special about the area then why did they not allow Bete and Lufu to be part of the area despite the fact that these areas are inside the main Yangtu but the state government still mapped them out and merged them with Takum.

Gubernatorial election is approaching fast and the same Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku who had showed enough nonchalance towards Kuteb ethnic is now soliciting for the votes of Kuteb people.

Governor Ishaku does not care about the Kuteb people otherwise he would have installed the Ukwe of Takum, he had installed chiefs some other chiefdoms but when he came to Takum he went to two villages and established third class chiefdom for the Chamba and Tiv and then ignored the vacant first class chiefdom in Takum simply because of his hatred for the Kuteb people.

Finally, all Kuteb sons and daughters are advised to remain adamant in the freedom fight until Yangtu is returned back to its root Takum Local Government Council. If the state government persist or ignores our agitation then we shall organize a peaceful protest and march to the government house. Justice must prevail!

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