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What you need to know about Taraba state APC governorship aspirant, Sani Contact

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What you need to know about Taraba state APC governorship aspirant, Sani Contact

Abubakar Danladi, Sani alias Contact to Contact is currently vying for governorship election in Taraba state under the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Sani was the deputy governor to former governor Danbaba Danfulani Suntai, but was removed by governor Danbaba for certain reasons. Sani was replaced with Garba Umar alias UTC.

However, Sani took the case to appeal court but very unfortunate the judgment went in favor of governor Danbaba, at this juncture Sani Contact became mute and irrelevant in the state politics. During that same period Governor Danbaba later had helicopter crash and was sent abroad for treatment.

When governor Danbaba’s tenure was about coming to an end UTC started showing interest to vie for the most prestigious seat in the state. This was against the Peoples Democratic Party zoning rotation system in the state therefore prominent men from southern Taraba threw their supports on Sani Contact.

It was the time for Southern Taraba to produce a governor in the state therefore well known people from the zone helped intensified the need to abide by the rule of the PDP. That is to ensure that power be shifted to southern Taraba.

Sani Contact agreed to help maintain the rule therefore people from the zone help fuel up the issue and made Sani popular again. The case was then sent to the Supreme Court in Abuja where Sani Contact came out victoriously.

After winning the case Sani Contact helped and gave the PDP governorship ticket to Darius Dickson Ishaku and also worked for the success of his election. Darius came out victoriously at the polled after defeating Senator Aisha Alhassan of the APC.

Sani was given the PDP senatorial ticket for Taraba North, he won the election as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) however his greatest opponent Shaubu Lau took the case to court, after a long time dillydallying Supreme Court affirmed Shaubu as the legitimate winner of the election.

Speaking to Taraba Sky News, a resident of Taraba Mallam Ali A Ali said “Sani contact to Contact is not a trustworthy person; he has a very bad track records which even him knows about it”

When asked whether he will vote for Sani Contact in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state Mallam Ali said “never in my million dreams!”

“How can I vote for someone who does not know what leadership is all about? Can you imagine, when Taraba state university threatened to on strike as a result of nonpayment of staff salaries Sani as the Acting Governor asked the school officials to lock up the school and give him the key to the school?

This means a vote for Sani is a vote against the younger generation in this state, therefore we must not allow this to happen, we must all come out in large numbers to vote against him on March 9th” he told Taraba Sky News.

Another resident of Taraba state Aminu Ahmed said that Sani is a thug and such does not deserve to rule the state. “Sani is a political thug, he is the creator of touts in this state, and therefore vote for Sani is a guarantee for touts to behave the way they want in the state.” Aminu concluded.

When asked who to choose between governorship aspirants in the state Sani, Darius and Aisha, he laughed and said “They are all failures, however, I can affirm that Sani Contact is not an option”

Meanwhile Taraba Sky News had earlier reported that PDP accuses APC of buying votes with fake currency.

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