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Taraba state PDP accuses APC of buying votes with fake currency

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Taraba state PDP had accused APC of inducing residents with fake currency to vote for their governorship candidate in the forthcoming election gubernatorial election in the state. 

The chairman of Taraba Youth Grassroots, Yavala Samuel, raised this alarm on Taraba Youth Grassroots platform today urging fellow indigents to report such cases to appropriate law enforcement authorities if anyone if found with fake currency.

The following is what Comarade Yavala Samuel had to say about the daunting situation.


“APC circulating fake currency in Taraba state.

It has gone to an extend of crime against the National printing and mint laws.

we have it on reliable sources and evidence that the APC in Taraba state are circulating fake currency, this they are using to induce electorate for the Saturday March 9th governorship elections. This was noticed when number of electorate from remotes areas were caught trying to spend the money not having the knowledge that they are fake .The Gubernatorial candidate of the APC had run out of funds since three weeks back when he had a head on with his DG on a 200 million? Naira he collected from him and could not return, the DG had threatened to stop campaigning for him not until otherwise stakeholders stepped in.

Also before the presidential elections an APC member name withheld gave the APC candidate the sum of 20million which he used to travel to his LG for the elections and with all this they resulted to printed and circulating fake currency just to deceive the people in bit to be elected.

We want to alert Tarabans to be very careful and be aware of this new schemes of the APC and not to fall victim of such crime because the law will catch up with anyone found with a fake currency not minding who and where it came from. This is more reason why Tarabans should never make the mistake of voting someone who has criminal tendencies because he will bring total lawlessness to the state and this Tarabans can not stand.

Please let’s be wise and report anyone caught with such currency as it is in the rise in the state and not good for a state as ours, reject crime and reject those who teaches you crime”

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How did they get to know about this development? Mr Yavala should be probed by the police for more hidden information

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