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Boom! Taraba state governor lavishes 100 million naira on group of endorsers

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There’s news going round Taraba state that the state governor doled out 100 million naira to Muslim Council that endorsed him this week.

The report also has it that the governor is willing and ready to pay any amount of money to people who endorse his re-election bid.

The news stated that the Peoples Democratic Party PDP Taraba state chairman is receiving some percentages from the deal.

The following is the word for word news delivered by one Mr Jenuwa in Taraba state Political Elites what’s app group.

“MUST READ: In Panic Mode, Darius throws open Taraba purse, doles out millions almost uncontrollably. The Taraba state government would soon go broke! Why? All that the governor does these days is dole out millions of naira to anyone who successfully passes through the gates of Government House, Jalingo and endorses him or promises to deliver. Sources said the governor must have spent close to five billion between Christmas and now. Governor Darius, who is naturally stingy, said the source, is spending this much because that’s what the party chairman told him to do to win his reelection. That there is poverty and that Tarabans are broke. Unknown to the clueless governor, Victor Bala Kona is getting his ten percent from any of deals. In the last count, no fewer than 25 groups have benefitted from the largesse. The biggest one was yesterday when the Muslim Council visited. They reportedly carted away a whopping 100 million naira!!!. The Igbo spare sellers were not that lucky. They got three million naira only. But village groups and ancient politicians are the most lucky groups as they get close to twenty to thirty million on each visit. But bulk money now go to outside interests as well like traditional rulers in faraway places, party executives at Abuja, anti graft investigators, and even civil societies groups in Lagos. The media is not left out of the Bonanza. Newspapers got a chunk of the Taraba money windfall last years in adverts and sale of award. Vanguard newspaper, for instance, sold their award to Darius for a handsome fee of close to 300million naira. LEADERSHIP newspaper also got a good bite of Taraba’s money. But AIT and TVC owe their prosperity to Taraba. They got millions from live telecast of just about any inconsequential state event. A senior media aide from Kogi state but now working for Darius in Jalingo, gets all the commission. Predictably too, all sorts of “sambo” groups now troop to GH, Jalingo on a daily basis to “endorse” the Governor. Women groups, youth bodies and even the disabled. What the governor didn’t spend in his inglorious four year reign, he’s coughing out now like vomit said a politician who works with him. Investigation shows that some of the governor’s aides “collude” with the beneficiaries. This is how it works: the Government House insiders tip the groups and also set the governor up by telling him the group is powerful. They then assemble them and ensure they get easy official passage into Government House. The Money is sometimes shared 50/50. But the Igbo spare part sellers association refused to part with any of their own. Apart from loans, it is believed that the money is taken straight out of the state coffer and handed to beneficiaries. Already, a staff of the ministry of finance has made a compilation of the expenditure and plans to do a petition to the appropriate body. But some believe this money is coming from profit from the Madrid boom recently experienced.”

By Jenuwa

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Hope Mr Jenuwa is not a fake news peddler coz if what he wrote is true then the governor doesn’t deserve to be reelected.

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