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Habila or Tuktur: who would Ussa constituency vote for on March 9th

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Habila or Tuktur: who would Ussa constituency vote for on March 9th

As March 9th 2019 is approaching fast, let us take a look at the insight of the outcome of the election may be in Ussa state assembly election.

In 2015 Hon. Habila Timothy Anderifun came into power after defeating Hon. Yohanna Adaki at the electoral polls as result of Adaki’s lackluster performance in the state House of Assembly.

According to political analysts and commentators Adaki was voted out of office because he failed to deliver the expectations of his constituents as a legislator.

And also, he was voted out because he obstinately and adamantly supported former Acting governor of Taraba state, Garba Umar alias  UTC’s governorship candidature which was against the political zoning system in the state because UTC is a resident of Taraba North and the zoning system as of that time had shifted to southern Taraba.

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As a result of Adaki’s stubbornness, the party PDP became angry with Adaki and made sure he sheepishly bowed out of power while Habila gallantly walked in as a perfect substitute, but after three years of Habila’s reign the people of Ussa have started discovering that he is not the perfect man who they were looking for.

In an interview with Taraba Sky News, Ande Barde, a resident of Ussa LGC said “Although it is said that ‘no man is perfect’ but looking at the way Habila has been handling issues it seems he is even worse than Adaki.” Ande Barde, a resident of Ussa said.

“Adaki in his first tenure; drilled boreholes and built some block of class rooms in the constituency but Habila has not recorded any achievement in the constituency in over three years rather he is busy splashing the constituency allowance he has been collecting on building houses in the state and across the country and buying of exotic vehicles.” he concluded

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Another resident of Ussa said “The most annoying part of it is that the same Habila who is building mansions, upstairs and buying exotic cars claims the reason why he has not performed well is because there is no money in the state. Last month some youth from Yamusa went to the house of Habila to solicit for money (40 thousand naira) so that they can repair a spoiled borehole in the town but he disappointed them.” said John Amamra

He further expressed that On hearing the amount of money needed for the work Habila Timothy shouted “40 thousand naira to repair only one borehole? Impossible” he said in Kuteb.

Amamra posed the following questions which he asked as follows: “The big questions here are: is Habila not receiving constituency allocation for Ussa? If there is no money in the state then where is he getting the money he has been using to houses and expensive cars? Why didn’t he build or buy the houses before becoming a member? Does it mean the constituency allowance he has been receiving is meant for his own use?”

“There are so many questions begging for answers which even the Habila cannot answer. If Habila cannot tell Ussa people what he has been doing with the constituency allowances then he must be voted out.” he added

“With the way Habila has been acting so nonchalantly and arrogantly, it shows that there is need for a change, there is need to substitute him with another person. Both Adaki and Habila are failures and such should not be regarded anymore.”

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“Kurutsi Yakubu Tuktur is standing tall as the only candidate with aptitude and excellent track record. In his capacity as a resident of Ussa constituency, Kurutsi installed two transformers in the constituency. He also empowered youth with new motorcycles, and money to start up businesses.

“Sadly, some people have been spreading hate speeches against Kurutsi, according to the haters, Kurutsi is a smoker and such cannot be trusted. However, in the situation whereby a smoker is performing better than a non smoker who do you think we should go for? The performing smoker of course!

“What matters is good representation and not how the legislator lives his life. It is better to make friend with a smoker than to make friend with a betrayal. Habila is a betrayal, he betrayed his colleague in Sharaton Hotel in Abuja where he claimed the ownership of a car given to him by his fellow top colleague, after his plans failed and the man collected his car Habila went and lied against the man and he was fired.

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“However, after a thorough investigation the man was reemployed while Habila was fired. This is exactly what Habila is doing to us here in Ussa, he promised to construct Ussa road, empowered youth, women and men but now he has betrayed Ussa people by not fullfiling his campaign promises hence should be voted out. Amamra concluded.


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