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Jukun community under pressure to re-elect Governor Darius against their will

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Pastor Rikwense Muri advised fellow southern Tarabans to vote their consciences in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state.

Muri said “Jukun community is under pressure” to re-elect Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku against their will. To him this is a very bad idea, therefore he advised everyone to “vote their conscience.”

“He is a Christian and a Jukun son loved by us in Donga, Ussa, Takum, Yangtu, Wukari and Ibi. What a great leader he is for a being a Christian and the first governor from southern Taraba. Let’s vote him again.

“He deserve a second term for being such a great Christian and Jukun political leader. All i know is his identity, please don’t ask me about his achievements because the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. Therefore I will painfully vote DDI again even though I know he will not do anything for his people but let him be just there for us for the next four years.”

What a slavish mentality and thought process reinforcing failure with eyes wide open. Then blame God later for denying us dividends of democracy…….

This is the last time to distort PDP zoning arrangement so that credible Jukun sons and daughters can aspire for governorship anytime as they deem fit.

Reinforcing DDI knowing fully well that he cannot deliver is the greatest disservice we can ever do to Christianity and Jukuns in the history Taraba Politics. It will take us 10 years behind the temple of modernisation and governance.

I know that Jukun community is under pressure by the elite forces that imposed DDI upon us to reinforce him, but we should know that every decision has consequences. We must not get ourselves stain by decision that we will regret tomorrow.

For Jukun Development Association of Nigeria (JDAN ) President Chief Bako Benjamin to endorse DDI on Facebook without a physical meeting with him should send a signal. For him to be still addressing Jukuns from Lagos a week to election instead of Jalingo or Wukari, should be another signal.

I challenge every Jukun sons and daughters to vote their conscience and never sell their standard for cheap mediocrity. We have a name to protect. We have our dignity to preserve.

All we need to do now is to apologise to the state for presenting Darius in 2015 and plan ahead to offer a better alternative in 2023 having truncated whatever zoning arrangement for the sake of ensuring good governance. This will be a painful position but it will pay off at the end of the day.

We must be ready to make the difficult decision now so as not regret in the future. We must stand out boldly against misusing religion and ethnicity for politics that will do us no good at the end of the day. God bless Taraba State!

Muri was an apologist to governor Darius Dickson’s govt, but few months ago his tone changed.

When he was still defending the Darius’ administration, anyone who read his write up would think or assume the governor was the best governor in the country.

However, some people who commented on his recent posts stated that “now that he had changed his tone, it seems the music is even becoming sweeter than ever”

According to commentators, it was not easy to defend a failed govt but it’s very easy to castigate it that is why Muri’s new tone is becoming more sweeter than ever before.

Some stated that Muri’s is being bias now for asking people to vote for Abubakar Sani Contact of the All progressives congress APC. They claimed he would have maintained neutrality to avoid being compromised.

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